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Happy National Payroll Week

Happy National Payroll Week!  Blue Canvas is excited to be sponsoring this CPA event for the first time. 

Let's get famous in the back office - what your colleagues don't see or appreciate when it comes to getting paid!

Sept. 12th kicks off the Canadian Payroll Association’s National Payroll Week celebrating the profession of payroll and all the people involved in making pay day a good day for millions of employees across Canada. 

Latest CPA surveys indicate that over half of Canadians are living pay period to pay period (Canadian Payroll Association Research Survey of Employed Canadians 2016).   This means most employees are either very anxious or very happy when pay day arrives. 

What most employees in organizations don't realize is there is a talented group of people responsible for making sure everyone gets their pay. It is the payroll professional who takes on the responsibility, and with that responsibility comes the reward of participating in helping people and families make sure their finances are in order and can focus on what is important to them. 

The Blue Canvas team tips their hats to you for a job well done in knowing that all Canadians can trust and depend on you with their hard-earned pay.  As a payroll provider, we understand how important your job is at your organization.  By ensuring your fellow employees are properly and accurately paid on time, you provide assurance and confidence throughout your organization.  We appreciate that Canada couldn’t function without people like YOU!

The Blue Canvas Team is proud to be a Silver Sponsor this week because we believe in the profession and the wonderful people we interact with day in and day out.  We look forward to meeting more professionals in our practice at various events across Canada, in particular Winnipeg, Toronto, Kitchener and Brampton. 

We want to take this opportunity to shine the light on all payroll professionals, and particularly our clients, like they are stars.  The word to describe our feeling is wonderful

To all payroll professionals across Canada – congratulations on the difference you make no matter what day in the pay period.  We recognize and appreciate your loyalty and dedication to payroll.  We truly hope your payroll life is wonderful!

Bill Phanta
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