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How safe and secure is your payroll data?

Payroll processing is complex and requires a high level of security, regardless of whether your organization processes and hosts the data internally or whether you’ve outsourced it to someone else.   Of all the information about an individual, there is very little that is more sacred and private than one’s payroll information, which includes SIN, rate of pay, banking information and personal contact information.

The key things to consider include: 

1. Who has access to this information and how much control do you / they have over that access?

2. Is your data physically secure?   Is your data on servers and machines that are physically difficult to steal?

3. Is this information password protected and encrypted?  

4. Is the information backed up?   How frequently?  

5. How available is your data and systems; are they there when you need them?  What are the disaster recovery plans in place to ensure payroll is never missed?

6. What are the security and audit measures in place to prevent access and/or record who accessed your data?  

7. What kind of network does your payroll data sit on and do you feel confident in its level of security and anti-hacking measures?  Are systems and networks kept up-to-date?  Is the network and system professionally managed and audited?    

8. Would your employees feel reassured with the level of security you have in place for your payroll-related information?

9. Are you leaving pay stubs on employees’ desks even if they are not in the office instead of handing it to them personally, or is it possible for employees to retrieve their information through a secure electronic means?

You are busy running your organization.  You want employees to feel completely confident that their very confidential payroll information is safe-guarded from both internal and external threats. Now is a good time to start thinking about areas that you can improve on with employee data security - especially with employee paper files.  

No matter what payroll provider, program or service you are using, make sure it offers a secure environment for your confidential payroll data.  If you’re not sure about the practices of the organization managing your data (internal or external), ask them about it and make sure you get the answers you need to be comfortable.

Tracy Bowman
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