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Nov, 11th is Remembrance Day

As you probably know, next Wednesday, November 11th, is Remembrance Day.   

If you are a Manitoba business owner, you may have questions when it comes to operating and paying your staff for working on Remembrance Day. 

Did you know that in Manitoba, Remembrance Day does not qualify as a Statutory Holiday?  As a business owner, this means technically, you do not have to pay employees who do not work on this day. It is not a requirement under Manitoba Employment Standards.   

There are special rules for businesses to follow should they wish to conduct business on this day, such as business transactions cannot be conducted between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm on Remembrance Day.  There are certain types of businesses exempt from waiting until 1:00 to operate, including restaurants, gas stations and pharmacies, and are allowed to operate between 9 am and 1 pm.  To see if your business is allowed to operate all day, please see the following list:  


If you plan to operate your business on Remembrance Day please note that you will berequired to pay your employees at the rate of time and a half.  You will also be required to pay your employees a regular day’s pay calculated at 5% of their regular time worked during the 28 days prior to November 11th. 

Many employers pay their staff for Remembrance Day even though they do not work, in which the amount is calculated like any other statutory holiday.  As a business operating in Manitoba, it is your choice whether you pay your employees for Remembrance Day if they do not work / you do not operate on this day, but the Blue Canvas team recommends that you be transparent and fully disclose your business’ policy before next Wednesday so employees are fully informed. 

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