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Thanks Canadian Payroll Association!

‍On June 16, Blue Canvas attended the 34th Annual Conference & Trade Show at Telus Convention Centre in Calgary, Alberta. It was our debut at this annual conference so for us it was a foray into the unknown when it comes to payroll conferences, especially a well-established one run by the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA). We were greeted with a fun welcome party at the doors of the convention centre with plenty of signage and staff to assist and delegates were given the iconic white cowboy hat that symbolizes the energy of Calgary.

From the Newcomers’ reception to Opening reception, Early Risers’ Club to Annual Trade Show and Keynotes to Fun Night – the week was executed with prestige and class, and celebrated all things payroll.

What we learned:

By all accounts, attending this conference was time well-spent for many reasons. Here is what we learned:

1. What do women want? Significantly more women attend this conference then men. Really understanding what women want will help us with the prize draw we select at our booth for next year’s conference. Stay tuned!

2. When standing for long periods of time, carpet is nice to stand on. Plus it’s prettier!

3. It’s all about the money, but the personal interaction is what counts. (For those of you who stopped by our booth, we hope you liked the $100 bill in a locked vault as our prize draw!)

4. We can be more generous and creative with our booth schwag – as long as people come back to talk to us!

5. We very much enjoyed meeting everyone we did and will continue following up with you over the coming days and weeks. Thank you for stopping by – we appreciated it! We are sad we missed the chance to talk to everyone who stopped by our booth. Time is an illusion that had us spinning in circles trying to meet everyone.

6. It’s evident that you care deeply about making pay day a good day at your respective organizations, and that warms our hearts. At Blue Canvas, we are all about making pay day a good day for everyone. We want to see your organization and your people succeed as much as you do. We are always available to help with any payroll problems or questions you may have. Let’s work on the solution together.

Big 'thank you' to Calgary and the Canadian Payroll Association:

Special thanks to the CPA staff who were great hosts at the conference and fun ambassadors for the city of Calgary. We look forward to attending the 35th Annual Conference & Trade Show in beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario. As Blue Canvas grows and gains momentum, we like the theme of “Generating Momentum” as we “fall for the falls”.

See you next year!

Blue Canvas Team

Frank Conway
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