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Robust, on-demand customizable reporting with Blue Canvas

Blue Canvas users can create and customize their own reports on-demand and access analytical tools using our very flexible and powerful reporting engine and web-based reporting solutions.  Users can configure filters and add new columns based on calculations of data in other columns, sort, group, create aggregates on groups (like SUM and COUNT), and add cross-tabs and charts.

Blue Canvas’ solution gives you the ability to report on Time and Attendance and Payroll data in real time to gain insights into your organization faster.

And the best part about Blue Canvas’ reporting features is that you have access and control of your data the way you want it and when you want it as part of your subscription.  You can run as many reports as you want at no additional charge.

Control user accessibility & maintain security:

Don’t want all users of the platform at your organization to have access to certain, more confidential reports?  No problem.  Blue Canvas takes care of data
security and accessibility.  Reports will only return data that the user has the permission to see or we can prevent a user from running certain reports altogether. Report customizations and configurations that you create can be saved as either public reports that all users within the organization have access to, or personal ones where only certain users have access to.

Key reporting features:

With Blue Canvas, you can:

Configurable reporting tools

Our reporting tools are incredibly configurable, allowing you to customize reports for analysis.  Using pre-configured reports as a foundation, we can customize a specific report to produce needed data for your organization for a fee or you can make the customizations yourself with a small amount of training.  Most reports can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.  Contact Blue Canvas today to find out if the information and format you need can be produced using our reporting tools.

Contact Blue Canvas today for a free demonstration of how we can specifically help your organization meet its workforce management and payroll requirements. We'd love to help!

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Toll Free: 1-855-690-6161

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