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Calendar-based scheduling you’re familiar with:

Blue Canvas’ online departmental schedules are presented in a familiar calendar format that people are used to working with. The scheduler has the ability to copy and paste work from one day to another or copy complete schedules between time periods or departments.

Easily share your schedule with your employees:

Our platform allows schedules to be prepared by one person and approved and posted by others, supporting the complex workflows within an organization. Once posted, employees affected are notified by email and/or SMS with copies of their current schedules. Changes to posted schedules can also be sent only to affected employees. Employees can access their schedule through an online portal any time and from anywhere.

Manage employee overtime across multiple departments:

Blue Canvas’ employee reporting system shows when employees are scheduled to work in the current department as well as in other departments, reducing the chance of scheduling into overtime. Our overtime estimate report lets you define thresholds for when employees are in or about to go into overtime based on schedules and actual times recorded.

Automation from scheduling to time tracking to pay:

Record actual time worked in our attendance tools. Let our system compute the earnings each hourly employee will have in the payroll period through a rules-based engine encapsulating your compensation and collective bargaining agreements. Blue Canvas allows an import of computed earnings directly into payroll to streamline the payroll process.

Features include:
Efficiently Schedule Employees
Easily Inform your Employees
Avoid Scheduling Errors

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